Whyteciff Park Proposal: Gurp and Raj Dating for 6 years after meeting it was time. Planning for a span of 6 months, Raj found the perfect time, place and of course the ring. A sunset along Whytecliff Park, overlooking Horshoe Bay on this August summer evening where they first went on a date. Having been […]

Grouse Mountain Proposal: Shanna and Chris Celebrating Shanna’s birthday on this December morning, little did she know she going to be celebrating more then just her birthday. Both Chris and Shanna were visiting from Hawaii. Needless to say the snow is something they don’t often see. Having discussions with Chris over the past month, I’ve […]

Sea to Sky Gondola Proposal: Loretta and Robin I hate to say this, but yes, I’m getting older. In this past year, I’ve had the chance to see many friends propose to their significant others. It never gets old. The overwhelming sensation of joy, stress, nervousness, all within a split second. As I’ve gotten older, […]

Coal Harbour Proposal: Gohar and Kay Another successful Vancouver proposal! Kay had contacted me a day before, in search of a photographer to capture their Coal Harbour proposal. One of my favourite things to do are capturing the love of a couple just before she says yes! To say Kay spent a long time to […]

Sea to Sky Gondola Proposal: John and Emily Making the drive up to the Sea to Sky Gondola, for the second time in the past two weeks, does not get boring. The scenic drive reminds me of how lucky we are to have such stunning views a short drive away. On this Sunday afternoon, the […]

Iceland Proposal: Mimi and Ted Slowly packing our bags and laptops, after a long night of planning, the girls got up to use the bathroom. Ted sitting right across from me, sipping on his last bit of cocktail said ” I think it’s going to happen in Iceland”, followed with my response, “what’s going to happen […]

Stanley Park Proposal I’ve said this many times before, but having the opportunity to witness a couple start a new chapter of their lives is always such a joy. More often then not, it’s weddings where I get to capture such a momentous time. On a Monday, Vancouver fall afternoon, I was able to photograph […]

It was in early March as I was coming back from the Great Barrier Reef when I finally received reception. The first message that showed up on my phone was a photo. It took me a moment to realize what it was, before I read the caption ” ANDY BOUGHT A DIAMOND RIGHT AND IS […]

Vancouver Convention Centre Proposal After knowing each other for the past 10 years, Angela said yes to Daniel this past Saturday! Following her birthday celebration at Hy’s and gelato ( my ideal meal), they walked towards the Vancouver Convention Centre, where Daniel got down on one knee to propose with spectators watching at the Jack […]

For me photography is about capturing emotion. Every moment happens in a split second that we often want to relive the moment with friends and family. There’s nothing more exciting than capturing proposals as these events are always gushing with emotion.  I’ve had the opportunity this last year, to capture 3 proposals each unique in it’s […]