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Sea to Sky Gondola Proposal Photos

So you have the ring, you’ve got the blessings from the parents and now it’s the final step. Planning the perfect proposal. If you’re here looking at this page you probably already know how scenic this place is. I’ve done many Sea to Sky Gondola proposal photos over the last few years, and this place never gets old. Why? The views are always changing, and your story is unique. Photography for me is a purposeful and meaningful way to bring joy into people’s lives. And proposals are exactly that. Now I’m sure you have plenty of questions. Where should I propose? When’s the best time? How do I find you? Well, I’m here to guide you through this process. This is the ultimate guide to your Sea to Sky Gondola proposal.

When is the best time to propose?

During the winter times ( October-March) it’s best to propose 1.5 hours before the sunset. Just do a quick search ” Squamish sunset”. Now the hard part with this is that the operating hours of the gondola fluctuate. So the best thing to do is check their website to see if it’ll work within the timeline. Sea to Sky Gondola Hours. For the summertime between ( April-September), I would recommend as close to sunset or the morning. One thing I would be a bit cautious about is the tour groups in the morning. If you need a way to get here from Downtown Vancouver, I would check out their shuttle times as well found here.

Where should I propose?

The best thing about this location is the numerous spots you can propose! Each view is stunning! I’ve been here a few times where plan A doesn’t work so we head to plan B and the view is equally as breathtaking.

The most popular spot is the lookout platform. Two things about the platform. First, during the summer times, this spot is extremely busy. You may need to improvise, to stall, and wait as tourists get their photos taken. However, it can look absolutely stunning if you time it right! Even during the winter months, the lookout can look surreal with the fog. I know you don’t get the same view, but the snow gives it a romantic touch as well. Just be prepared!

Secondly, during the winter months, the walk to the lookout can be EXTREMELY icy. It takes about 15 minutes to walk here from the gondola. Just make sure you and your future partner have the proper footwear otherwise they rent out snowshoes as well which makes things easier. Check out these two beautiful proposals on the platform:

Daniel and Jasmine’s Sea to Sky Proposal Photos
Sapan and Dipa’s Fall Sea to Sky Proposal

Blue skies and sunset for Sea to Sky Gondola proposal

guy proposing during sunset at Sea to Sky

guy proposing during sunset at Sea to Sky
Vancouver Proposal Photographer
Guy proposing to girl for his Sea to Sky Gondola proposal

Austin and Kristin’s Winter Squamish Proposal

Sea to Sky Gondola trail map

A great backup location to the platform during the summer months is about 3-4 minutes from the lookout area which is Olesen Cr Falls. Check out the photos here below:

Gentlemen proposing to his partner at Sea to Sky Gondola
Robin and Loretta’s Fall Sea to Sky Proposal Photos

Lastly, the other spot that can be great is along the Spirit Trail. However, like the other spots, it can be quite crowded as well. I haven’t had any proposals here, but check out Heather and Randy’s Sea to Sky engagement shoot here to see more of this spot right over the suspension bridge.

Sea to Sky Gondola Engagement Photos Sea to Sky Gondola Engagement Photos

What do we do if it rains or snows?

Sadly, during the fall and winter months, the weather is unpredictable once you get up the gondola. Even though it may be raining during your drive up to Squamish, it could easily be snowing once you arrive with the elevation change. Have an umbrella and embrace the moment. The proposal will still be equally as memorable. Plus you get some cool lighting shots like the ones below.

Do we need to plan ahead before the proposal?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions and the answer is no. Unfortunately, there’s not much planning we can do, until the actual day. The package includes me arriving early at the venue to make sure the lighting is good and any unforeseen circumstances ( like a movie on set… which has happened before). When you arrive, I generally meet you in the bathroom and walk you through the plan. Strange place to meet a stranger for the first time, I know…


” Justin was very easy to work with. He helped with the pre-planning logistics – weather, where to meet, and went over any potential issues. Maintains great communication. Photographs are amazing. Genuinely enjoys doing the shoots and cares about making it a special event. Quick turnaround time to get the photos. Overall, would highly recommend and very glad I chose him.” – David

I contacted Justin to help me plan an out of town proposal in Vancouver. I had never been to Vancouver before and was a little nervous about planning a proposal there. Justin was absolutely incredible from the moment I contacted him to the actual date. On the day of the proposal, we had some hiccups in our first planned location. Justin texted me, and we met discretely and make a game-time audible that ended up being gorgeous. It only took him a few days to get me the full album. Honestly, I was blown away by how amazing he was from start to finish. I would highly recommend him for a photographer for literally any special occasion. – Sapan

My fiance and I planned a vacation in Vancouver since we’ve never been. We decided to take advantage of the beautiful landscape and planning an engagement shoot at Sea to Sky Gondola during our trip. Planning a photo shoot in another country is pretty tough but Justin was extremely prompt and professional and also he was reasonably priced. We were worried about the weather because the forecast predicted rain but Justin was very flexible about coming up with a contingency plan. Luckily we did not need it because the weather was perfect on the day of the shoot. The photos are gorgeous and we cannot wait to print them and display them at our wedding and in our home for years to come! – Heather and Randy

As a Vancouver proposal photographer, I created a guide for you to view with tips and tricks!


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Kristin and Austin’s Sea to Sky Proposal featured on Mountainside Bride

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