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Vancouver Proposal Photographer

Congrats on this HUGE step you’re about to take! You’ve got the ring, you asked for a blessing from the parents, and now it’s the biggest step. As a Vancouver proposal photographer for the last 7 years, I’ve seen it all. From locations to some tips, here’s everything you need to know to feel at ease going through the whole process.

Best Vancouver Proposal Locations

One of the key things, before you propose, is finding the perfect spot! I often get asked, where should I propose in Vancouver? Here are some things to consider, Is the location crowded? Does the location have good lighting? Is it somewhere that has meaning to you both? Those are definitely some questions to ask before you decide! A few of my favourite Vancouver proposal spots are below.

1. Sea to Sky Gondola Proposal Photos

Without a doubt, Sea to Sky Gondola is my favourite proposal spot. The views are simply breathtaking with panoramic views of the mountains and lake. During the summer evening, the sunset is absolutely stunning. Check out my blog post here for some recent proposals about Sea to Sky. The Sea to Sky Gondola offers a truly breathtaking setting for a proposal. For winter proposals here, appropriate footwear is needed for certain locations!


guy proposing to girl at Sea to sky Gondola during winter

2. Lighthouse Park 

Tucked away in West Vancouver there are numerous locations in this West Vancouver park. However, one of my favourite spots overlooks the city line! It does take some time to walk from the parking lot ( about 15 minutes) and also some proper footwear. If you’re an outdoor couple this spot is perfect between spring-early fall. These sunset photos are completely perfect!

boyfriend proposing to girlfriend at Lighthouse Park boyfriend proposing to girlfriend at Lighthouse Park

Lighthouse Park Engagement Photo Session during sunset
Sunset engagment shoot in West Vancouver

3. Grouse Mountain Winter Proposal

Looking for a perfect festive Christmas spot? Grouse Mountain is only a 30-minute drive from Downtown Vancouver and offers just the perfect romantic backdrop for your Vancouver proposal. Be sure to dress warm coming up! Again highly recommend proper footwear especially when trekking in the snow. Link here for my Grouse Mountain proposal photos.

Grouse Mountain Proposal Photos Grouse Mountain Proposal Photos

4. Capilano Suspension Bridge Proposal

If you’re visiting from out of town, a lot of people love Capilano Suspension Bridge. I don’t blame them! Tall luscious greenery represents the Pacific Northwest. This is one location I would highly recommend planning in advance and finding back up spots especially with the number of people that cross the bridge daily. A few photos here of Capilano Suspension Bridge.

Capilano suspension proposal photos
North Vancouver proposal photos

5. Where you had your first date

There’s nothing more fun than going back to where you had your first date! For myself personally, I decided to go back to Queen Elizabeth Park where I first went with my fiancé. Find a location that has meaning for you both!

guy proposing in the rain at UBC rose gardens

Boyfriend on one knee as he proposes to his girlfriend Boyfriend putting a ring on his girlfriend after she said yes Cool backlit shot of a newly engaged couple

6. Queen Elizabeth Park

I’m a little biased about this location! It’s where I proposed, and love the surrounding area. You can set up a picnic, or event here just before the proposal. During the spring it’s packed here, especially during the cherry blossom festival.

Photo taken by Will Kwan.

7. Stanley Park Proposal Photos

Another historic Vancouver spot is Stanley Park. Be sure to scout out the lighthouse, along the Seawall, or by Prospect Point. All these spots offer a unique vantage point of the city. For some perfect examples of golden hour sunset photos at Stanley Park, read Chad and Taylor’s proposal story.

Stanley Park Vancouver Proposal Photo
8. Whytecliff Park 

The last location on the list is another iconic spot out by West Vancouver! Whytecliff Park offers plenty of spots that is just a short walk away from the parking lot. Either the beach or lookout point are both great spots! Some of my favorite sunset photos are from here. It’s a scenic drive from Vancouver and makes for a unique place to visit for those who haven’t been here before. Here are some Whtyecliff Park proposal photos on a summer night!


boyfriend proposing during snowfall

For more ideas on locations, check out my Top 18 Vancouver engagement spots in Vancouver! 

Timing Your Vancouver Proposal

As a photographer, the biggest thing for me is lighting! Without lighting, you don’t get fantastic photos, which is what we’re after. The best time for your proposal is an hour before sunset. This is the most ideal time! One thing I will mention is to always give yourself enough time to get from one location to another. There are times when unexpected things come up ( restaurants run behind, makeup, she wants to do something else). If there’s no sun or it starts to rain, not to worry! I will bring my own lighting and create some awesome dramatic photos for you!

North Vancouver, Capilano Suspension Bridge proposal photos

North Vancouver engagement photos

Do Your Research On Each Location

When it comes to choosing the perfect location for your proposal, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind. Factors such as crowds, if locations allow decor and permits. You may have a certain vision in mind or have seen it on Pinterest. Before you get attached to a certain idea, make sure the location you’ve selected, and the time of year ( especially with Vancouver’s unpredictable weather), allow for your idea to work.

Backup Plan

There are times when you have everything planned and when you get to the location on the day of there are unexpected things going on. This is from first-hand experience when I got to my own proposal. Have a backup spot and an open mind to change things a bit. If there’s a location in mind, and people are there, get ready to stall for a bit and go with the flow! For the most part as a photographer, I’m pretty good at being stealthy and trailing you until the moment happens.

Celebrate with Friends and Family

With this being such an incredible milestone, one of the biggest things for me was to celebrate with friends and family. Have a mini dinner planned with close friends and family members for a surprise right after the proposal! She’ll be excited to share the news with everyone!

Getting Dressed and Pampered

If you know at least two weeks in advance, it might be worth getting a friend involved in your planning! Depends on the person some people love getting their nails done ( for after she says YES) for the photos afterwards! All my proposal packages include a mini shoot right after the proposal so you can share it with everyone after. If you’d like your significant other to dress up try going to dinner before/after, or get someone else to take them to the location of the proposal!

I’d be so delighted to assist you in this process! I have a bunch more tips and would love to get to know you more as you plan your proposal! If you need a Vancouver proposal photographer, let’s chat! Connect with me here and let’s start planning!

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