Granville Island Engagement: Jessica and Garry It’s officially the first few weeks of March, meaning it’s the beginning of the engagement season. I mean, if my hayfever is any indication spring is here, I’m not sure what is. With the on and off again snow warnings, there’s been nothing but a consistent array of sunshine […]

Best Vancouver Engagement Photos from 2018 With 2018 wrapping up, it’s my time of year I get to reflect on the best Vancouver engagement photos of 2018! Engagement photos are a time for the couple to have a casual relaxed and fun shoot. It gets me to know the couple a bit more, and for […]

Sea to Sky Gondola Proposal: Loretta and Robin I hate to say this, but yes, I’m getting older. In this past year, I’ve had the chance to see many friends propose to their significant others. It never gets old. The overwhelming sensation of joy, stress, nervousness, all within a split second. As I’ve gotten older, […]

Capilano Suspension Bridge Engagement Photos Visiting all the way from Palm Beach, Florida, Kassandra and Jeff’s Capilano Suspension Bridge engagement shoot, embraced the Pacific Northwest and festive Christmas atmosphere. Our original Sea to Sky plan unfortunately got derailed due to them being closed for maintenance, however Capilano Suspension bridge had their Christmas lights adding to […]

Manning Park Engagement: Mimi and Ted This is Mimi and Ted. They’re a pretty amazing couple as you’ll see shortly from their Manning Park engagement photos. This story goes back almost 10 years ago to 2007 after the three of us were cut from our provincial ultimate frisbee team. We sat there, wondering what was […]

Gastown and Vancouver Convention Centre Engagement Photos Jennifer and Ben are clearly in love. Their affection for each other is evident in the photos. Throughout our Gastown engagement photos, and Vancouver Convention Centre engagement photos, these two were completely natural in-front of the camera. With the later engagement start times to catch the summer light, […]

Sea to Sky Gondola Proposal: John and Emily Making the drive up to the Sea to Sky Gondola, for the second time in the past two weeks, does not get boring. The scenic drive reminds me of how lucky we are to have such stunning views a short drive away. On this Sunday afternoon, the […]

Joyce and Nathanael: Stanley Park Engagement Photos Taking my first steps into the Stanley Park Rose Garden, with the smell of freshly bloomed flowers, and the light pink colours of the cherry blossoms, you knew that Spring was officially here. It was early enough that only a few tourist were forming for our Stanley Park […]

Deep Cove and Cates Park Engagement Photos Spring is finally here! The cherry blossoms are in full bloom meaning engagement season has officially started. What better way to start the season with Elaine and Dave with their Deep Cove engagement photos, a place with a special meaning to these two. The Saturday afternoon rain started […]

Iceland Proposal: Mimi and Ted Slowly packing our bags and laptops, after a long night of planning, the girls got up to use the bathroom. Ted sitting right across from me, sipping on his last bit of cocktail said ” I think it’s going to happen in Iceland”, followed with my response, “what’s going to happen […]