Top 19 Vancouver Engagement Spots

Top 19 Vancouver Engagement Spots ( Updated 2024)

So you’ve booked, and now you’re ready for your engagement shoot. Exciting! You’ve picked out your outfit, have your makeup and hair booked and now the big question is where should we get our engagement photos done? Over the last few years, I’ve had the privilege of shooting at many locations, and I’m excited to share with you my top 18 Vancouver engagement spots. Update: January 2022

1. Unique Location to you both

This location is unique. One of the top spots that I suggest, maybe a location, I’ve never shot at but does have a unique character to it. It’s going to be somewhere with a special meaning to you two. Is there a location, that you first met or perhaps a location you went to your first date or proposed? Going to a location, that has a special meaning to you both, is an excellent choice!

2. Granville Island Engagement

Moving to the next spot, the next location has vibrant colours and a whole lot of personality. In the heart of Vancouver, Granville Island, is never a bad choice with numerous options and scenic backdrops. Finding a restaurant here after the shoot, makes for a great date night, to finish up the evening, especially when you’re already dressed up!

fiance hugging infront of Burrard Street Bridge at Granville Island

Top 5 Vancouver Engagement Spots

Top 5 Vancouver Engagement Spots

Granville Island Engagement Shoot

fiancé kissing his partner on the forehead at Granville Island

3. Sea to Sky Gondola Engagement

Sea to Sky Gondola is perhaps one of the hidden gems of the lower mainland, 1.5 hours from Vancouver Downtown. Although this location does require some extra costs, the backdrop is completely breathtaking. Living in the Pacific Northwest the mountains look surreal from up top. After a short gondola ride, the easy hike takes you to some breathtaking spots. Check out my specific guide for your Sea to Sky Gondola event

sea-to-sky-engagement-photos sea-to-sky-engagement-photo

4. Lighthouse Park Engagement

Lighthouse Park engagement photos are some of my favourites. On a great day, you get a stunning sunset and can see right across to Stanley Park. Although a bit of climbing is required, it’s totally worth the view for the adventurous couple. It can get quite cold during the spring and fall days, as it’s right by the water. Pack some comfy shoes, puffy sweaters, and get ready for an exciting engagement shoot at this location.

Top 5 Vancouver Engagement Spots
Lighthouse Park Engagement Shoot

5. Whytecliff Park

Speaking of scenic backdrops, based in West Vancouver, Whytecliff Park takes you to a small beachside and mini trails. Although it’s not as big as Lighthouse Park, Whytecliff Park still offers a lot for those couples looking for something with a great backdrop. See more here of Queenie and Eric’s Whytecliff Park engagement photos!

Whytecliff Park & Sea to Sky engagement photos

Whytecliff Park Engagement Photos
Whytecliff Park Engagement Photos
Whytecliff Park Engagement Photos

Whytecliff Park Engagement Photos Whytecliff Park Proposal

6. Olympic Village

If you’re looking for an urban setting in the heart of Vancouver check out Olympic Village. Hidden in Olympic Village is Hinge Park a hidden little island perfect for photos.

couple with blanket during their Olympic village engagement couple during sunset at Olympic Village engagement portraits

7.  White Rock Pier

Does anyone know where the longest pier is in Canada? Apparently it’s in White Rock! Who knew? Besides being the longest pier in Canada, this location is fantastic for some sunset photos. The photos below were during Karine and Garth’s White Rock engagement session. Something about piers that I just love!

couple on the White Rock Pier embracing the moment fiancé holding his future fiancé at White Rock Pier

White Rock Engagement Photos on the beach

8. Stanley Park

Grab a pair of bikes and explore the famous sea wall. Famous for their tall Douglas Fir trees, and beautiful city line, this spot has been a part of Vancouver’s history for a long time. Best of all, just a short drive from Vancouver!

Brock House Point engagement

Lions Gate bridge in the background during Stanley Park engagement

couple laughing in front of Lions Gate Bridge

9. Gastown

Another historic Vancouver spot! Gastown is known for its cobblestones sidewalk and the famous steam clock. If you’re looking for unique architecture this historic spot is perfect!


couple embracing each other in Gastown after their wedding

gastown parking lot engagement

10. Steveston Pier/ Garry Point Park

Steveston is surrounded by a few cool spots. I’ve combined Garry Point Park since it’s such a short walk away. Whether you’re looking for a rustic, contemporary, or a scenic backdrop these locations are great for a bit of everything. If you’re looking for cherry blossoms Garry Point Park is one location during peak season.


lesbian couple during the sunset at Garry Point Park lesbian couple with dogs during Steveston engagement

12. Iona Beach Regional Park

Tucked away in Richmond is Iona Beach Regional Park. Along the jetty offers stunning golden hour engagement photos during the spring and summer.

12. Jericho Beach

I always tell my couples to combine your engagement session as a date night. What better way to finish your shoot than at a beach with a gorgeous sunset? Jericho Beach is close to UBC, Wreck Beach and Pacific Spirit Regional Park if you need more ideas by Jericho Beach. Check out Cielo and Vernon’s Jericho engagement session here.

fiance hugging her fiance during Jericho beach sunset

13. Capilano Suspension Bridge

If you’re visiting Vancouver, this location might be worth visiting! A true Pacific Northwest feel you’ll immerse yourself in the rainforest after trekking over the suspension bridge. Be mindful of the tourist during peak summer months! If you’re visiting Vancouver they have free shuttles from Downtown Vancouver.

Capilano suspension proposal. Couple on bridge with dramatic lighting

14. Belcarra Park

Adding to my list, is Belcarra Park. I recently just discovered this provincial park! Although I haven’t had a chance to fully explore this 1,100-hectare park, the picnic area showcased a glimpse of this beautiful scenic location. couple holding each other at Belcarra Park

Belcarra Park Engagement Photos Belcarra Park Engagement Photos

15. Furry Creek Engagement

It’s no secret how much I love the Sea to Sky Gondola! Although Sea to Sky requires a ticket up, Furry Creek has similar views and no additional costs! Mountainous backdrop and greenery! Definitely worth the drive up for these views!


couple during sunset at furry creek

Stunning mountains during Furry Creek engagement session


16. Grouse Mountain

One thing I love the most about Vancouver is that you don’t need to travel far to get a total change of scenery! One of my favourite spots if you can brave the cold is Grouse Mountain a 30-minute drive from Vancouver! The snow adds a romantic element that I find absolutely dreamy! Here’s a link to Ronnie and Dave’s Grouse Mountain engagement photos.

Gay couple Grouse Mountain engagement session during sunset Gay couple holding hands on Grouse Mountain

couple hugging on the top of Grouse Mountain

17. Pitt Lake

One of my new favourite spots is Pitt Lake! There’s no specific spot because you can drive to a few areas and stop along the way there. It doesn’t take long before you discover picturesque mountains and scenery! The sun does set a bit faster here, so be sure to check out this area a bit earlier on!

coucouple hugging each other at Pitt Lake during their engagement ple

18. Vancouver Convention Centre

In the heart of Vancouver Downtown, is the Vancouver Convention Centre. This litte area offers a Pacific Northwest vibe. Overlooking Stanley Park, you get the mountains and water! And not to mention it’s a short walk away to Gastown, hitting two spots!

newlywed couple at Vancouver Convention Centre

19. Third Beach

Although technically in Stanley Park, Third Beach is one of my new favourite locations. It has fantastic sunsets during the summer and is generally isolated far enough from the main part of Stanley Park closer to English Bay.


And those are my top 18 Vancouver engagement photo locations! Although those are some of my favourite locations, I’m always here to help with picking a location. I was born and raised in Vancouver, and have always enjoyed the city life. I have a soft spot for the city. However, going to new places whether it be outside of the country or just exploring the Vancouver outdoors always sparks my interest. If you have a location in mind, give me a shout and let’s start planning! I’m a Vancouver engagement Photographer and Vancouver wedding photographer of 7 years and know a lot of great spots! In addition to finding great spots, here’s an engagement guide with tips and tricks to get the best photos. Here’s my portfolio below!

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