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photography for the chic and modern couple who are hopelessly in love 

Vancouver is a city, where I’ve had the privilege of growing up! The vast amount of restaurants and boutique coffee shops has me on the constant hunt for the best dark chocolate mochas, perfect eggs benny, and the top ice cream flavours ( currently given to Rain or Shine for their chocolate malted ice cream). I’m often described as an achiever, or to my friends overly energetic, which I’ll ALWAYS bring to my shoots.

In the summer, you’ll catch myself laughing with friends about why we went on extraordinary long hikes that we weren’t physically ready for. When we arrive to the breathtaking sights, with extremely sore muscles, we are often rewarded for the long journey, and start planning for the next adventure. Besides hiking in our own backyard, my recent travels have brought me to Southeast Asia and Australia ( Iceland and London are next up). I believe there’s nothing more valuable in life than the stories and new experiences you gain from traveling. One of the best things about traveling is the hustle and bustle of cities, and fine cuisines of each country. If my wallet allowed me to, I would love to try every Michelin Star restaurant I could in every country I visited! 

Let’s grab a coffee or ice cream, and hear all about YOU two as you start a new journey! 

Meet the Guy Behind the Lens

Hey Friends! I'm Justin 

my philospophy

Justin Ho Photography is based out of Vancouver, BC, where I get to enjoy the great outdoors! What started as a hobby, has ultimately lead to my dreams that I live out everyday: to capture photos that evoke emotion and tug the heart. My vibrant images are often described as modern with a classic and dramatic twist, that captures the essence of who you both are. I love nothing more than a sunset slowly setting over the horizon, as you two embrace each other, and laugh at each others jokes! When the sun sets, is when I’ll grab the lights and create those “WOW” images, that truly make you stand out! 

From the initial exchange, leading up to your wedding day, I strive to make your experience a memorable one. When you trust me to capture such a momentous occasion, I want to make you feel valued and heard every step of the way to ensure your vision is met. On one of the biggest day of your lives, it should be the most joyous time of fun and celebration with those that have helped led you to who you are.

I’m often asked why wedding photography brings me so much joy and life? Love is the sole reason why I photograph weddings. At an early age, Disney movies consumed my life. I’m a huge sucker for happily ever afters and want to capture yours. Love comes in all different forms whether it be of words of affirmation, gifts or acts of service, throughout your wedding day, all these forms of love are expressed and photography is my way of artistically capturing those little moments. 

When you trust me to capture such a momentous occasion, I want to make you feel valued and heard every step of the way to ensure your vision is met