Mayfair Lake Golf Course Wedding: Elaine and David

Mayfair Lake Golf Course Wedding

In order to make your wedding vision come true, you need a dedicated team of friends and vendors! What an incredible start to the 2018 wedding season with an under the sea theme for Elaine and David’s Mayfair Lakes Golf Course wedding. I will admit that going into the first wedding of every season is a bit nerve racking. However, much like riding a bike after the first few minutes, you get back to the rhythm of things.

A bit of overcast, a light breeze, with the occasional sun poking through the clouds, and a luscious green golf course is exactly the kind of thing that makes for a perfect outdoor wedding venue. Not too hot, not too cold. Walking into the brides getting room the matching Converses and the blue and turquoise dresses fit right in with the under the sea theme. From the little minor details throughout the reception to the wardrobe you know that Elaine and David thought through all the little things. Having their make up and hair done by Chic and Sassy, laughters were echoed thorough the hallways as they were prepping for the final touches. The bridal party were tons of fun and laughter throughout the whole day!

Over on the other side in the reception space the last details were being placed. The cupcakes, under the sea themed candy bar, welcome table, guest sign in table we’re all thoughtfully decorated. The most impressive decor were the individually hand folded guest tags. As guests started to trickle in, it was finally time to tie the knot! With friends and family in attendance from all over the world, the ceremony commenced without a hitch.

The reception was perfect! Disney music acoustics filled up the majority of the playlist for dinner which I absolutely loved! In addition the speeches, garter toss and filipino money dance highlighted the evening. During the garter toss, David managed to pull out the Nintendo Switch and Pikachu, before finally reaching the garter, which I thought was unique to these two! Lastly, the filipino money dance, was a first for me. Pinning money on to Elaine and Dave as they started the dance was fun to capture. The 2018 wedding started off with a wedding to remember! Congratulation to Elaine and David!

Venue: Mayfair Lakes Golf Course Wedding
Wedding Coordinator: Elle Weddings
Make Up/ Hair: Chic and Sassy
DJ: Terry G and Music 
Photo Booth: Keys and Notes
Flowers: Divine Decor
Cake: Decadent Desserts and Confections
Pastor: Guy Sinclair

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Mayfair Lake Golf Course Wedding

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There’s always a bit of free time for some Nintendo!