Lighthouse Park Engagement Photos: Amelia and Darcy

Lighthouse Park Engagement Photos: Ameilia and Darcy

When I first read the inquiry by Amelia it brought a smile to my face. She said she had read my blog and loved my work. How exciting is that!! I often write blogs for my personal reflection, knowing only a handful of people will actually read it, but to have someone who I’ve never met make a comment like is that is super special. When you share the same values and experiences with your couples, there’s something that brings an extra spark. Also known as my dream couples! These Lighthouse Park engagement photos are some of my favourites.

Chatting with them just a short time ago, and finally meeting them for their Lighthouse Park engagement photos, I loved their positive vibes and energy. Within 15 minutes, it felt like longtime friends catching up. Learning more about these two, I found out Darcy sings in an 80’s band. How cool is that! Next time I’m in that direction, definitely on the lookout for them!

Romantic Westcoast Engagement Shoot

Visiting from Seattle, Amelia and Darcy came to Vancouver for the day meeting with vendors, to plan for their July wedding. Carrying a guitar to start the hike, I was already eager to hear Darcy sing. Needless to say, Darcy did not disappoint! Serenading Amelia with a gorgeous sunset, a scenic background, and no one around gave the evening an extra romantic touch.

What was a hectic day for these two, with meetings and wedding planning finished with a delightful end to the day with a slight spring breeze and a Vancouver golden hour that did not disappoint. Even with an early start to their day, they somehow managed to bring their smiles and laughter with them. Seriously, just check out the photos below to see this fun couple!  As a photographer, the greatest thing for me is to capture the pure joy and love of your relationship and looking at these photos there’s no doubt that these are ABSOLUTELY in love.

I’m already excited to see these two again for their Bridges wedding in July. Maybe an encore for Darcy at the wedding? Check out more about their wedding here!


Lighthouse Park Engagement Photos

Lighthouse Park Engagement Photos
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