Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre Wedding

Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre Wedding

Alvin proposed to Celia at the Vancouver Zoo, where the staff had staged a proposal by the red panda exhibit. Celia’s love for red pandas was definitely evident with red pandas scattered everywhere at the reception. The Vancouver Zoo, went above and beyond to create a fake red panda exhibit for Alvin, where he took Celia for their proposal. In the red panda exhibit, a paper mache of a heart with the words ” Marry Me Celia?” was hanging. The rest, as they say, was history. Their Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre wedding represented these two perfectly!

The week leading up to the Saturday was forecasted for rain all day. Luckily for us, the sun peaked at the right time and held all the way into the mid-afternoon for the outdoor ceremony held at the Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre for the wedding.

Getting ready at their respective houses, Celia started the morning off with the help of her amazing makeup and hairstylist team from Faye Smith. It wasn’t too long before the house started to fill with friends and family. On one side of the room was the bridal party getting ready, and on the other, was Celia’s friends creatively thinking and writing out which body parts the boys should use to pop balloons ( they were definitely some high-quality balloons) for their door games. After settling on a few body parts, and finding some Brittany Spear music, it was time for the guys to woo the bridal party to receive the bride.

From red envelopes filled with Sephora makeup, to passing the a thin sheet of seafood mouth to mouth, popping balloons with their inner thighs and various body parts, and dancing to Brittany Spears, Alvin was finally able to receive his bride!

Deer Lake Wedding Portraits

We quickly took advantage of the Vancouver sun shortly after and headed out to Deer Lake for some portraits. When Celia and Alvin had brought up the idea of rowing at Deer Lake for their bridal portraits, my initial thought was us doing our best to not tip over. Luckily, we managed to get a paddleboat which made it easier for us to steer and take photos. It was definitely nerve racking for the whole bridal party, as we slowly made our way out onto the lake, to grab some photos. This was definitely a first for me, but the photos I got to capture made everything worth it. Excellent rowing by the whole bridal party!

Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Our next stop was the Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre. If you haven’t been here before, and you’re in love with Japanese Culture, this place is filled with different Japanese artifacts, history and art pieces. Definitely worth checking out! It was a perfect venue for these two, who are both clearly in love with everything Japanese and red pandas. The intimate ceremony took place outside of the museum, with the sun shining bright.

Following the ceremony, Savoury Chef catering, had set up a takoyaki bar, for the guests. It was a nice touch, given the venue we were at, which was beautifully decorated by A Priceless Event. The evening was filled with embarrassing stories, tear-jerking speeches, and a hilarious MC to fill in the occasional breaks. It was evident through the speeches and the details throughout the day, how in love these two were. Throughout the whole wedding, you could see the little details and time that these two put into curating their wedding. Huge congrats to these Celia and Alvin! I can’t wait to see the many new adventures you two will go on.


Bride and groom at deer lake in boat

Bride and her bridesmaid at Deer Lake for their spring wedding

Bridal party at Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre

Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre Wedding with bride by the window



The amazing team to make this possible:

Make up and Hair: Faye Smith
Venue: Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre
Flowers: Budget Blooms
DJ: #Djpandabeat
Photo booth: Laughing Buddha
Party Favours: Wishing Treats
Indoor Decoration: A Priceless Event
Outdoor Decoration: Lonsdale Event Rentals
Cater: Savoury Chef
Photography: Justin Ho Photography

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