Nestldown Wedding Photos: Tiffany and Jonathan

Nestldown Wedding Photos: Tiffany and Jonathan

I’ve finally had a week to settle down from what was a 2-day affair filled with excitement, tears, joy, and laughter for Tiff and Jon’s Nestldown wedding. Tiff and Jon’s wedding was my last wedding of the year and what a memorable wedding it was – these Nestledown wedding photos were an absolute dream to capture.

To kick things off, I’ve known Tiff and Jon for almost 9 years. These two are tremendous softball players who come up to Vancouver each year and serve in the softball ministry from their church. Seeing the team over the years has been an annual tradition and a highlight of my summer since I was a kid. When these two asked me to be their wedding photographer, I thought it was a joke. Probably what Tiff thought when Jon proposed at Disneyworld (Tiff had told Jon that she did not want to be proposed to in a crowded place). Needless to say, she still said yes.

Tiff’s gentle compassion and love go beyond her friends and family. Most recently Tiff and Jon saved and adopted a new hamster as it was going to be euthanized. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, Jon has always been a passionate person. I’ve seen this over the years whether he wins or loses during his tournaments in Vancouver. It was no different during the wedding day, as his emotions were on full display throughout the day.

Toll House Hotel: Getting Ready

Driving down to the venue on Friday for the rehearsal, it took only seconds to realize how breathtaking the venue was. A venue straight from a fairytale. Surrounding the property were tall redwoods and luscious greenery with vibrant coloured leaves slowly changing colours in time for the wedding. With the sun trickling through the forest it was a photographer’s dream. Friends and family from near and far were in for a treat.

The Saturday morning began at Toll House Hotel. With both parties getting ready in neighbouring rooms, there was a definite contrast in the atmosphere. With the groom’s laid back vibes and high tempo music, they were getting ready for an eventful fun-filled day. The bridesmaids and Tiff were listening to some 90’s boyband classics, taking everything in as Tiff got ready with Bellamina Makeup. Not to be forgotten were Crispy and River, their beloved dogs who have been on this journey with them – they even got their own outfits!

Nestldown Wedding Ceremony

Inching closer to the first look, there was something magical about the setting. Lost in the woods, taking in the warm fall day, the scene was set. During the first look, the reaction on Jon’s face as he saw Tiff in her dress for the first time was awesome. This moment would be just one of the many emotional moments to follow.

Following the bridal party photos, friends and family trickled into the ceremony space. There was no shortage of compliments from guests raving about this venue.  As Jon danced into the ceremony space followed by his groomsmen, it signalled the start of an eventful ceremony. “I know you always wanted a boyfriend who could sing,” said Jon during the vows. To everyone’s surprise, he picked up a guitar and did a solo, a touching way to conclude the ceremony.

Moving to the villa for the reception provided a space matching the down-to-earth feel of the day. From the speeches to the parent’s dance, the emotions throughout the evening brought no dry eyes. Emily the maid of honour and sister of Tiffany, gave a touching speech, while Ed the best man gave a perfect roast trickled in with some thoughtful words. The best part of the night was still to come. Following the speeches, the father/daughter, and mother/son dance brought the house down! Tiff and her dad chose to do an unconventional fun dance, while Jon and his mom chose a classic slow dance. Wrapping up the night, everyone hit the dance floor!

This wedding has also been featured on LOVE INC. Magazine!

Day 2: Tea Ceremony and Pennisula Chinese Reception

After an eventful 1st day, day 2 was no different. Starting with door games, the bridesmaids showed no mercy. After putting the groomsmen and groom through physical pain, thinking games, and a mixture of concoctions, Jon successfully passed the tests. After traditional tea ceremonies on both sides of the family, the weekend finished at Peninsula Chinese Restaurant. A packed night of entertainment from lion dancing to mini-games wrapped up the night perfectly.

Congrats to these two! It’s been a surreal experience. Being able to capture and witness the love you two share has been phenomenal. Anyone willing to run multiple half marathons for their significant other is worth loving. Likewise, anyone accepting a proposal in a very crowded setting after requesting for a proposal in a quiet setting is also worth loving. In addition, I have to give a HUGE shoutout to all the vendors and friends I got to work with – especially Chris Chu my second shooter and Jenny Fu for organizing both days! These two made it extremely easy for me to get comfortable, plus it was a bonus to work with friends! I can’t wait to see what the next 9 years hold for Tiff and Jon!

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An amazing composed shot by Chris Chu!

First look at Nestldown Wedding First look at Nestldown Wedding

Nestldown wedding portraits

Nestldown bridal party photos


Hair and Make Up: Bellamina Make Up
Videographer: Vow and Covenant 
Second Shooter: Chris Chu 
Catering: Poetry in Motion
Florist: Home Sweet Flowers 
Cake: Elysia Lam
DJ: Los Gatos DJ
Day-of Coordinator for Penninsula Restaurant: Jenny Fu
Photographer: Justin Ho Photography

This is also featured on my top weddings of 2019!

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