The Falls Golf Club Wedding: Mimi and Ted

The Falls Golf Club Wedding: Mimi and Ted

16 years ago as a grade 8 student, you were asked about your short and long term goals. Odd question for a grade 8, whose only thoughts were what’s for lunch the next day? Nor in grade 8 would you ever think, ” one day I’ll be at this person’s wedding”. Throughout my duration of high school, I knew of Mimi. However, it wasn’t until the last year of high school when we became close friends. Following our time after high school, our adventures kicked off with travelling. From Hawaii to capturing their Iceland Proposal, and on a gorgeous fall day, capturing their Falls Golf Club wedding.

Long story short, we were all cut from our summer ultimate team in grade 12. As a result, we decided to create our own team. It didn’t take long before the team bonded us all together. Over the course of this wild adventure, I’ve come to know these two goofy people, who are perfect for each other. Mimi is a big kid at heart, and dreamer who accompanies Ted’s loving, and carefree personality.

Guest or Photographer?

“Wouldn’t you rather be a guest and enjoy the wedding?” is a question I get often. Mimi and Ted approached me with this question, and to be honest when they asked, I needed some time to think about it. Amy and Jordan, a wife and husband photographer team, that I admire, wrote a blog post on their thoughts. In their post they write, ” The truth is, as the photographers, we get to spend more time with the bride and groom than anyone, and you can’t put a price on being the ones who get to push the button that saves their memories forever.” Making a decision after reading that was a bit easier! Who doesn’t want to be the person that gets to create images that will last a lifetime?

It’s unusual for me to be spending time with the bride and groom at their house the night before. Spending the late-night making instant noodles, and waking up on the morning of the wedding to play disc golf with the groom. However, this wedding wasn’t usual. Only meeting Ted’s bridal party at the rehearsal, it didn’t take me long to realize how crazy this day could get with their outgoing personalities ( the photos speak for themselves). Speaking of unusual, did anyone think we would be waking up to 20 degrees, and sun in mid-October? With the nice weather, Ted took me out to a new disc golf course in Chilliwack. While we were playing disc golf Mimi was finishing up hair and makeup by Mattia and Courtney, making her look absolutely stunning.

Intimate Chilliwack Wedding Photos

With this being my first time at the Falls Golf Club, the venue they have set up there is perfect for intimate weddings! Adding to the venue, was the DIY’s that Mimi and Ted spent numerous hours on. From the blankets as party favours to the centrepieces, and even a customized photographers sign you could hear people comment about the DIY’s as people started to slowly trickle into the venue. Highlighting the ceremony, was Alex the cutest ring bearer, who dropped the ring not once, but twice putting smiles on people’s faces. To end the ceremony, Mimi and Ted exchanged their thoughtful vows. To no one surprise, Ted even dropping a few lines from Brooklyn 99! Classic Ted!

Staying at the golf course for the portrait session, we were treated to a ride by Brian, who has been at the golf course since ’97. What a delight it was to have him take us around with his knowledge and stories. By the time the ceremony finished, it was right during the golden hour. It’s been so long since I got to shoot a wedding during sunset, I couldn’t have asked for better lighting! The golf course was closed a week before meaning we were able to wander around the greens. Both sides of the bridal party were so tremendously fun to work with resembling Mimi and Ted.

Falls Golf Club Wedding Reception

During the evening, speeches and performances brought tears and laughter. Fortunately, I got to take part in some of that, and be a guest for this part of this evening. Mimi and Ted’s friends and family were talented in the singing department, meanwhile, Helen and I attempted a lip sync, and achieved our goals of making fool of ourselves. With no first dance, an impromptu first dance took place, on the dance floor later in the evening. Talking to these two after, they couldn’t have asked for a better first dance with friends and family along their side.

16 years later, I’m so blessed to call these two my friends! In my speech to these two, I wrote that I was the child they wish they never had. But I guess God has a reason for everything. With so many more adventures to come, who knows what we’ll be talking about another 16 years from now. THANK YOU to you two for continually showing your love, compassion, and acting like were 14 when were all together. Congrats to these two and wishing you all the best!




bride getting ready before her Falls Golf Club wedding

Chilliwack wedding
Chilliwack wedding

the falls golf club wedding
the-falls-golf-club-wedding (25 of 92)
the falls golf club wedding
the falls golf club wedding


the-falls-golf-club-wedding (43 of 92)
the-falls-golf-club-wedding (45 of 92)

chilliwack wedding
the-falls-golf-club-wedding (53 of 92)

chilliwack wedding
the-falls-golf-club-wedding (57 of 92)
the-falls-golf-club-wedding (58 of 92)
chilliwack wedding

Bride and groom overlooking chilliwack for their wedding

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