Oceanfront Suites at Cowichan Bay Wedding : Amber and Trevor

Oceanfront Suites at Cowichan Bay

It’s 10:30pm, and the summer song of the year Cheerleader is echoing right through the walls of the Esch household. Buster, their cute dog is sitting on the couch trying to sleep after a long 12 hour day but is occasionally poking his head up curious as to what I’m doing. I’ve been instructed by the newlyweds, Mrs. Amber Jones and Mr. Trevor Jones to be down in 20 minutes on the dance floor. While my pictures are uploading I’ve given myself 20 minutes to write this blog as its fresh on my mind. Rarely do I ever write any blog post on the same night, but, this wedding was stunning in every way possible and would hate to miss out on any details. 

It was a photographers dream to photograph this wedding, with the beautiful venues they selected. Walking into the Oceanfront Hotel suite on Friday with the stunning view, and the open windows made for beautiful lighting. The Esch property was a spectacular setting for the ceremony and reception with its vast open space and rustic look. This weekend has been nothing short of phenomenal and I’m excited to share my first destination wedding in Cowichan Bay/ Victoria.

Arriving on a Friday afternoon, the day of the rehearsal, I had the chance to settle into the Oceanfront Hotel Suites located on Cowichan Bay. With an hour to kill, myself and a college friend walked around exploring the offerings of this small town. Much like Steveston in Richmond, they had many small boutique shops great for tourists. With a quick bite to eat, we headed off to the Esch property for the rehearsal. After doing a quick meet with everyone, one thing I noticed immediately was the beautiful decor. From the dance floor to signs, and the haystack couch, the Esch property was going to be a great venue for Amber and Trevor. With the rehearsal concluded, we headed back to the hotel for an early night. As the bridesmaids were doing last minute cards and gifts, Amber requested a few photos, to which I responded with ” sure anything you like.” That was probably my biggest regret of the evening as that ended up with me having to do a face mask with the bridesmaids. I’ve done a lot of firsts this year. Wearing face masks with the bride was not one of them. And with all our faces fresh and clean, the big day awaited us.


The early morning at 7 am sharp on Saturday started off with Amber yelling ” I’m getting married!” in the room beside me. With that said and done, the day began with Amber ready to start ahead of time from the originally 8am scheduled time ( the last time, we would be on time). With a bit of coffee and cuddles with her bridesmaids, the makeup and hair process began. As everyone started to come for the preparation we were introduced to some of the cutest kids. *cuteness alert*. Captain Kyler, Amber and Trevor’s son, and Aliah the flower girl.

As the final hairpiece and veil were being placed it was time for the wedding dress. Overlooking the beautiful view of Cowichan Bay, a place where many memories took place for Amber in her teenage years, she placed the wedding dress that was perfectly designed for her by Blush Bridal. With the “first look” taking place outside their balcony, and a wall separating them, Amber and Trevor exchanged a few words before the ceremony.

The portrait session took place at Unworth Winery which made for a gorgeous backdrop. The bridal party was some of the best to photograph, with everyone excited for the newlyweds. Thank you to Amber and Trevor for having me come to Cowichan Bay. You guys made photographing easy with your natural smiles and laughter. And we won’t forget Kyler and his always smiling face which made for the most adorable photos. Congrats you two! Toots!


Hair Stylist: atmospHAIR by Lindsey
Make Up: Artistry By Alexa
Portrait Venue: Unsworth Vineyard
Bridal Store: Blush Bridal Boutiqu
Ceremony: Esch Household
Ready Session: OceanFront Suites at Cowichan Ba

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