Baker Beach and Pier 7: Natalie and Elliot

Baker Beach and Pier 7: Natalie and Elliot

I think I’ll categorize this Baker Beach and Pier 7 engagement photos under the rollercoaster section. This was the last engagement shoot of the year, and what a way to end the season. I met Natalie and Elliot a couple of months ago to discuss their wedding in Vancouver.  Coincidentally I was coming to San Francisco, and with these two living in San Francisco, the opportunity to do their engagement shoot outside of Vancouver was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down.

These two picked me up before we headed out to the Bay Area, just outside of Palo Alto. Interrupting what was suppose to be a perfect fall day, we were welcomed with heavy fog and light rain on the drive in. Needless to say, a damper to start the day. The start of their engagement shoot took us to Pier 7, overlooking the water, city line, and Bay Bridge. Even with the mist, starting to roll in their spirits were never low. Most importantly, these two enjoyed the moment. Laughter, smiles and warmth. Embracing the moment. It didn’t take long for me to realize how easy it was going to be working with these two.

We allotted 45 minutes but due to the rain, we decided to head to our next location for some better luck. On the drive over to Baker Beach, the heavy fog had already begun to roll in, and our optimism had begun to dwindle. Arriving at Baker Beach, the three of us sat in the car wondering if it was best we move the shoot to the following day. If there’s anything I learned, it’s that the weather in San Francisco changes fast. We couldn’t have gotten better luck. From the time sitting in the car, walking to the beach, the skies and fog vastly changed the colours of the sky in minutes. For example, check the photos down below! Following Baker Beach, testing our luck one more time, Twin Peaks our last stop.

Twin Peaks Engagement Photos

Arriving at Twin Peaks, it was more or less the same with heavy fog. At this point with the sun setting, the skies were slowly changing to dusk. Purple skies, with city lights behind. Add in a romantic couple behind this and you have some wicked photos. Concluding our shoot here, we finished the evening over at Farmhouse Kitchen Thai Cusine. A restaurant recommended by these two. Easily one of the tastiest meals in SF. For anyone looking for good food, this place is a must.

After numerous engagement shoots, you would think the nervousness would settle down. However, shooting outside of Vancouver, new locations, the unknown will always be nervewracking but also provides a spark of excitement, creativity, and joy that is one of the many reasons I love what I do. Finishing my 2019 season with these two is a perfect way to end. I’ll see these two again in 2020, and I can’t wait for their Parq wedding!

Pier 7 engagement photos

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