7 Things to Look For When Booking a Vancouver Wedding Photographer

7 Things to Look For When Booking a Vancouver Wedding Photographer

After doing countless consultations, one of the things I look forward to the most is connecting with my couples. Even though consultations generally last 45 minutes, I often grasp a great wealth of knowledge about the couple on a deeper level after the meeting. I find these deep-rooted questions valuable and helps me get a better understanding of the couple. It’s this relationship that will earn your trust for a successful engagement and wedding shoot. You’ve gone over countless Pinterest and Instagram photos, and you ask yourself if you can look as “candid and natural” in those photos. Trust me, I’ve been in front of the camera, and even to this day, I’m still awkward and stiff. Finding the right photographer will help with this. Here are 7 things to look for when booking a Vancouver Wedding photographer for the best experience on your wedding day!

1) Personality

As I briefly touched upon it, you’ll be spending countless hours with your photographer on the wedding day. You’ll want to make sure, that you’re comfortable with your photographer capturing the intimate moments. When the wedding day rolls around your photographer will feel like a friend capturing your day! Find a photographer who can make you smile, laugh and be silly. Especially if you’re someone who loves the candid look, but gets stiff in front of the camera, an experienced photographer will be able to get you to open up and bring out your personality!  Learn more about me here and see if we’d mesh well together!

Justin Ho Photography sitting for his head shot

2) What do you both value?

Do you want your photos to be something you pass down to generations and not photos just for today? I BELIEVE in legacy. Your photos are your everlasting legacy, that should be always held in albums ready to be handed down to the next generation, which is why I believe having albums is so important. What do you value most after your wedding and does your photographer offer you the same things that you value? If celebrating with friends and family is important to you, does that show in their portfolio?

3) Can you see yourself looking at these photos 5, 10, 20 years down the road?

When you see your photographer’s portfolio, will it stand the test of time or will today’s style be a fad when your kids pick up your album one day? If the photos you see on your photographer’s portfolio resonates with you two, then that’s a HUGE steeping step. I strive to capture creative images for today and heartfelt images for a lifetime. The photos you see aren’t just a fad ( moody, heavy contrasted photos), but rather natural, and true to life. Find a photographer that fits your style!

4) Have they shot in similar venues as yours?

A lot of venues in Vancouver are dimly lit during the evening! Finding the right photographer that is experienced in working in all sorts of the environment is crucial! Experience plays a huge part in this! In addition to venues, one of the biggest things is lighting. A good photographer will know how to work around all sorts of lighting situations! Check out some of my favourite Vancouver Wedding Venues.

Westwood plateau wedding photos
Bridges Restaurant Vancouver Wedding Bridges Restaurant Vancouver Wedding

5) Is the photographer your talk to going to be the one shooting?

Many studios and photographers have associate photographers. When talking to your photographer make sure to ask who will actually be shooting the wedding. Although you may get along with the primary photographer, will the associate photographer be shooting? Make sure you know who you’re getting and their experience as well.

6) Insurance

Certain venues will now request photographers to have insurance. In addition, insurance is so important for the big day! Although most photographers shoot with 2 cameras and have multiple backups, there are times where technology fails. Insurance protects not the photographer but also the couple for any liability injuries or malfunctions if anything happened to the photographer.  *knock on wood* this thankfully hasn’t happened to anyone I know.

7) Reviews

There are just some things you might not think of, before, during or after the consultation. I love reading reviews. It gives you a better understanding of some intangibles of the photographer. Their personality, service, and experience that you wouldn’t be able to understand until you read some first-hand experiences from past brides and couples. Here’s an example of a creditable review page.

If you need more information on finding the right photographer, please don’t hesitate to contact me here.

Wedding review of Justin Ho Photography

Vancouver wedding review of Justin Ho Photography


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