2016 Year in Review: The Best of the best

2016 Vancouver Wedding Photos

I’ve been so privileged this past year, to meet some extraordinary people along the way! I love what I do, simply because I get to meet great people and be a part of their dream day every step of the way. 2016, was a huge growing year personally in my work, and can’t wait to continue in 2017! Here’s a look back on some of my favourite engagement and wedding photos of 2016, along with a few surprises sprinkled in.

If you’re ever nervous about doing a photoshoot, engagement sessions are highly recommended! It’s a chance for you to have fun and relax, before all the formal fancy stuff on the big day. Take this time to do your favourite things, at a sentimental location. All you need in order to make it a successful session is for you both to have fun!!

My couples this year did an awesome job at choosing locations! They all choose locations, I never had the chance to shoot at before. One of them being, Dr.¬†Sun Yat Sen Gardens in Chinatown where Celia and Alvin decided to shoot. I’m looking forward to their wedding this coming year.

Another location, that I fell in love with was Cleveland Dam! Again Ashley and Nathan,¬†choose a location, I never even knew existed in our own backyard. The greenery, is such a great representation of the Pacific Northwest. In addition to the greenery, the dam itself was pretty amazing! I look forward to shooting their wedding this coming year as well, at Hycroft Manor another venue, I’ve yet to shoot at!

Last memorable engagement shoot took some huge planning months before!! Queenie and Eric, we’re visiting from Toronto and wanted the wonderful scenic backdrops of Vancouver. Days leading up to the shoot, Vancouver wasn’t look to great with it’s usual rain. We were so fortunate that the skies cleared up just in time for our engagement shoot at Whytecliff Park, an old time favourite, followed by a stunning view at Sea to Sky! These two were so fun to work with, they even took professional selfies with their camera and tripod, practicing their poses leading up to the shoot. Such a wicked couple to work with! Wish you two the very best!

Before the weddings and engagement photos, there’s the proposals which I love doing. Besides, the stake out and being stealth, capturing the reactions are priceless! Here’s a few of my favourite proposals this year!

The theme this year seemed to be intimate weddings! With weddings becoming more expensive in Vancouver, a lot of my clients opted for the intimate route. One of the reasons intimate weddings are becoming more trendy, is the time you get to spend with your family and friends during your day. In addition to the cost savings, you also get to relax and stress a little less.

With that said, Alannah and Besim’s wedding day, at George Wainborn park, was a perfect place to start the year. Alannah, had a unique “dress” as she went for a bridal suit which I loved. Their outfits complemented the trendy Yaletown area.

Queen Elizabeth Park, is always a popular spot in Vancouver for wedding portraits, and engagements. This year, two of my intimate weddings happened here. My first couple of Jane and Steve, got married at the Queen Elizabeth Chapel, followed by Saf and Saleena singing their papers at Seasons in the Park! One of the perks about Queen Elizabeth, is that it always offers something a little different pending on the time of year you visit!

There’s nothing better than a gorgeous sunset to complete the day! As a photographer the “golden hour” is the prime time to shoot with the beautiful lighting. Keith and Andrew’s reception was held at the Jericho Tennis Club, where the lighting was just perfect! Always striving to do something new, this was my first gay wedding! I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to work with.

Lastly, the year finished with some bigger weddings! It’s always an exciting time of day having the chance to work with other vendors, and especially my couples. After all the months of planning, you get to see everything put together. Although plans may not always work out, we always seem to find a way.

Brittany and Shaun opted for an outdoor wedding in Boundary Bay, overlooking the beautiful waters, with wonderful live music from their friends. As mentioned, sometimes all the planning in the world doesn’t prepare you for the surprises. After the first dance, Shaun’s family over from New Zealand, performed the Haka Dance, that no one was expecting!

October 8th was one of the craziest days I’ll remember of 2016! With not one, but two weddings on the same day. May and Godfrey, choose an intimate wedding over at Jericho Beach, where the day started early at 7am. Although the rain didn’t ease up, you wouldn’t know it bothered May and Godfrey with their beautiful smiles. Quickly after their elopement, I had the pleasure of capturing another schoolmates wedding with Kurt and Cibele! One of my longest and most memorable days of the year!

In between all the wedding photos, I had the chance to visit Hawaii and Southeast Asia for the first time with some amazing friends. It was definitely an eye opening experience exploring and wandering different parts of the world. With Australia already booked for 2017, I can’t wait to see what Mother Nature has to offer.

Well, those were some of the highlights of 2016! Thank you to everyone for making it another awesome year. I look forward to meeting new faces, and seeing old ones again soon. Wishing everyone a Happy new year!

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