Bangkok: The Street Food Capital Currently sitting in a cafe in the quaint city of Chiang Mai, the second leg of our trip.  Sitting in a coffee shop surrounded by rustic walls, wooden tables and other tourists taking in the laid back vibe of Chiang Mai. Reminiscent of a hipster cafe on Main street. Having […]

We last left off in Tasmania where myself and Chris, finished our travels in Ayers Rock. It was a day of full traveling, as we had to fly from Ayers Rock to Melbourne and take a connecting flight to Tasmania, Hobart. We had finally arrived in the evening, at 8pm, where we needed to grab […]

Chasing Rocks: Australia Part 1 It was only a short time ago, when I hauled my backpack into the garage, after traveling a month around Southeast Asia. After finally ridding the smell of sweat and adventures, it’s come back out out for another go around. I’ll be heading down to Australia with my friend Chris, […]

Man, do I miss the hot 33 degree weather! It seems like only a short time ago when our group was relaxing on the beaches of Boracay, with those unbelievable mango shakes from Jonah’s. After being home for the last week, it’s time to catch up on some work, before the New Year! On my […]

Aloha! It was miserable, rainy, and cold the day we left for Hawaii, but it was only 6 short hours, before we felt the sun beating on our faces. I kept my packing relatively light again for my camera gear, only brining my Sony A7 and GoPro. It was such a great camera, during my […]

I’m alive! Whew, a 14 hour hike to Mount Fuji, with $2.00 Daiso jackets a whole lot of rice balls, a few boxes of Pockey and some good ol sour candy and I’m back in Vancouver still jet lagged one week later. As I kept debating over and over again if I should’ve booked this […]

Happy New Year!!!  With the start of New Year, I’ve decided to try blogging( again). I’ve tried them before but haven’t had much success.