Granville Island Engagement: Jessica and Garry

Granville Island Engagement: Jessica and Garry

It’s officially the first few weeks of March, meaning it’s the beginning of the engagement season. I mean, if my hayfever is any indication spring is here, I’m not sure what is. With the on and off again snow warnings, there’s been nothing but a consistent array of sunshine over the last few days, just in time for the engagement season.

At the end of grade 12, I met Jessica. Introducing me to the concoction, of Red Bull and Gatorade, this would fuel us through frisbee tournaments, where we first met. Strangely enough, our friendship began there.

Garry an avid cyclist, and Jessica’s counterpart who equally hates photos finished the GranFondo last year, before his proposal up in Whistler suspension bridge. Talk about an eventful day!

Beginning our engagement session, these two have previously slated their dislike for photos. MY favourite type of couple. Converting them from haters to lovers of photos is a challenge I’ll always accept! What better way to start the engagement session then by starting at the Granville Island kids market, at the arcade where kids can be kids…and adults can be kids again.

I love how these photos turned out because the smiles and the laughter are so genuine. I mean when you get to tell your friend, “hey, look at Garry, and try to flirt with him”, with Garry following up with ” she’s got no game”.  As we concluded our Granville Island engagement session, I’m super stoked for their Stanley Park Pavilion wedding in June! Perhaps the return of Red Bull and Gatorade will make one last appearance to fuel us for the day!


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