Jennifer and Bennji: Gastown Engagement Photos

Gastown and Vancouver Convention Centre Engagement Photos

Jennifer and Ben are clearly in love. Their affection for each other is evident in the photos. Throughout our Gastown engagement photos, and Vancouver Convention Centre engagement photos, these two were completely natural in-front of the camera. With the later engagement start times to catch the summer light, and 25 degree weather, summer is officially here.

Jen is an incredibly talented newborn photographer in the lower mainland, but I have a feeling Ben’s learned a few things or two along the way about posing. He claims it was his first photo shoot, but he was totally rocking out some GQ poses, making it look like a pro.

Starting and ending off in Gastown, the crowds from the Vancouver marathon were still lingering. I’m glad Jen and Ben came up with some of their own ideas as seen below as they posed in the streets of Gastown, taking lots of patience waiting for the cars and crowd to passby. This moment made for some good laughs as we had to try a couple times and perfect lighting. Thank you for your adventurous ideas! I’m sure there will be a lot more, when I see these two next in August.



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Gastown Engagement Photos